On September 24, 2015, Physical Plant requests are now being processed in the Support Center online application.

To submit a support request to Physical Plant, please visit https://supportcenter.dom.edu/new-ticket. To login, enter your Dominican email address and password in the fields provided. If you encounter any issues with submitting your support request, please contact the Support Center directly at 708-524-6888.

What is the Support Center?
The Support Center is a single point of contact for support related to Information Technology, Marketing & Communications, Physical Plant, Public Safety and Physical Plant requests. Our goal is to provide a client focused, single point of contact for services, taking ownership of issues and requests, making the best use of resources and tools, and delivering useful, friendly support and outreach to all clients. The Support Center mission is to effectively and efficiently provide access and availability to proper support services to the satisfaction of all of our clients by providing an informative and supportive first point of contact, and to assist all our customers in making the best use of technology in their role(s).


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